A collective of sound-artists and performance-artists who produce sound oriented theatre, and theatre oriented media.

Folks Stories

Told Through Lights and Sound


Direction: Taylor Wuthrich

Movement Direction: Kassidy Friend

Movement Direction: Nicole Maimon

Stage Managment: Sara Witsch


Sound Design: James Ard

Lighting Design: Sophia Craven

Technical Direction: Tony Gonzalez

Assist-Stage Management: McKenna Moses

The Little Match Seller

Choreographed by Marlene Garcia in collaboration with cast

Featuring Voice: Bill Peters

Featuring: Jamie Ballesta, Lyndsee Bell, Briana Garcia, Regina Leon, Danya El-Kurd, Jena Noveras, Clarissa Dyas, Jarret Spiller

The Fox and the Crow

Co-directed/Choreographed by Danya El-Kurd

Featuring Voice: Naseem Etemad

Featuring: Regina Leon, Danya El-Kurd, Lyndsee Bell, Jamie Ballesta, Jarret Spiller



Choreographed by Kassidy Friend in collaboration with cast

Featuring Voice: Celeste Conowitch

Featuring: Jena Noveras, Clarissa Dyas

La Llorona

Choreographed by  Nicole Maimon in collaboration with cast

Featuring Voices: Carlos Mendoza, Jackie Orozco

Featuring: Briana Garcia, Jarret Spiller, Regina Leon